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Young Makers
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We interview young makers and share their stories, the reasons they succeed and the passion projects they are working on.
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Young Makers
Gabriel Chuan

Who's Gabriel Chuan 🧐

Gabriel is on the path to help makers go from $0 to $10K MRR. I enjoy following Gabriel as he is always sharing his experience of building a newsletter and has been an open book when it comes to achievements, struggles, and results. The "Open" newsletter!

What is Young Makers ?

Young Makers is a weekly newsletter where Gabriel interviews successful and young makers bubbling with passion. Each edition has the same goal. Uncovering the reasons of success of these makers, how they got started, the strategies to find their first users, and how they generated revenue.

From the 6th edition, Gabriel shares the pivot that the newsletter will be taking. The one interview a week was challenging and the future editions will be built around three sections.

  • 3 ideas on getting to your first $10K MRR
  • 2 interesting makers you should check out
  • 1 surprise or more - an interview, a celebration, or something else

Gabriel's energy and passion for sharing about his process is inspiring to many makers. He took a leap and quickly monetized the newsletter. He offered pro access to interviews, launched a paying newsletter building workshop, and his offering startups to pay to be showcased in the different newsletter editions.

Top interviews πŸ€“

Danielle Johnson from Leavemealone.app

Leavemealone.app is hard at work to keep your inbox as clean as possible by helping you identify and get rid of marketing and promotional emails to keep your email unclogged. It has been averaging $1000 a month. Danielle shares her experience and how they decided on the business model and why it made sense to offer a credit-based pricing vs. monthly subscription.

Full post here πŸ’‘

Danny Postma from LandingFolio.com

LandingFolio.com is a gallery of the best landing pages you can find. Danny launched on ProductHunt which led 12000 visitors. At the time, there was no paid products on the site which Danny identifies as his big mistake. This led to decrease in traffic.Nothing was much done for 2 years after that and it is by randomly checking Landing Folio's analytics that Danny discovered that he had around 200 daily visitors!

Full post here πŸ’‘

Anything else?

Gabriel runs workshops and is building a community of makers launching newsletter and products. I can only recommend following him on twitter where he shares lots of great tips and his personal progress and challenges he face.