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Startup Resources
Paul Metcalfe

Who's Paul Metcalfe 🧐

Paul Metcalfe is the human and maker behing the weekly Startup Resources newsletter. Paul is such an inspiration. He has been openly sharing his building process and learnings on Twitter. Metrics from the Startup Resources newsletter are available weekly. He is also Β working on podboxer which sends you the best business podcasts directly in your inbox.

Paul is building in two types of businesses (newsletter and podcast) which have seen a boom. Newsletter are popping up everywhere. You are most likely reading this maker focus because you subscribe to the Lfm newsletter.Paul has some great stuff in store, guaranteed!

What is Startup Resources ?

Startup Resources is a simple concept. It delivers the best tools πŸ› , articles πŸ—ž, and podcasts πŸŽ™for startup founders weekly.

Simple, yes... But executed with perfection.

What is so great about building openly and connecting with the community is that it allows to build the best product, the one they get the most value out of. Readers are always given an opportunity to dish some feedback, thus enabling to make Startup Resource to keep on serving more than 2000 founders and entrepreneurs weekly. 🀯

This project was launched in 2015 and Paul is already the third owner/curator of Startup Resources. Tremendous to see the level of collaboration and how Startup Resources is still going very strong.

The newsletter is a great digest around tools and entrepreneurship and structured accordingly:

  1. πŸ›  Tools discovered recently - 3 to 5 tools discovered during the past week
  2. πŸ† Sponsor of the week
  3. πŸ€“ Articles of the week - 3 to 5 articles for founders and entrepreneurs
  4. 🎧 Podcast of the week - 1 podcast episode and its teaser

Simple, yet awesome!

Being bombarded from everywhere with news, tools, and articles, Startup Resources is great to keep up with the main stuff.