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SpringUp Stories
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Daily-ish newsletter collecting useful links and news from the maker community, helping you to generate new ideas and hopefully providing inspiration to build and launch your project.
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SpringUp Stories
Clemens Stromeyer

Who's Clemens Stromeyer 🧐

Clemens is the author behind SpringUp News. SpringUp is not just a newsletter but "a personal creative maker studio which helps craft digital strategies for startups and solopreneurs". Clemens describes himself as a maker and involved in many things and loves building and launching things. Clemens knows what it takes to start a business and shares great advice daily through his the SpringUp newsletter.

What is SpringUp ?

SpringUp brings you the latest news and content for people aspiring to start their business. Clemens finds the gems (articles, tweets ...) that can spark inspiration for any maker. I can find myself bookmarking many articles that Clemens shares in his newsletter.

The content is built around a few main topics

β˜• Good morning/Newsbites

An interesting read or tweet to kick off your day. Entrepreneurship, personal development (a personal favorite here from Anne-Laure at Nesslabs), and other energy-packed writings to get your brain juices flowing.

πŸš€ Maker Stories

Maker stories is all about sharing the success, or a failure, of a maker building a product.

πŸ—οΈ Build + Launch

The best advice about building and launching your business from the top makers out there in the form of tweets, and articles.

πŸ–₯️ NoCode

SpringUp has its dedicated section about the NoCode movement. Nocode makers get some well-deserved attention on a daily basis on SpringUp

πŸ’­ Afterthought

A light and fun conclusion to the newsletter. A fun video found on twitter. This will let you close out on a positive note to go on and kick off you day

Each revolves around an article or tweet Clemens has come across and read. SpringUp gives you the teaser for each which allows me to quickly pick and choose which one I will want to read in full. There is so much content out there and Clemens cuts through the noise to save your time as well as getting you excited to dig into the resource he just highlighted.

Top shares from SpringUp πŸ€“

The creative hackers win friends, influence people, and break the internet. They find ways to bring products and experiences to life without writing code. Instead, they dream up big projects and forge partnerships to bring them to fruition or build with flexible no-code tools.

The quote from Brianne Kimmel's The 6 builders who will thrive in the new world article

Nocode is growing fast and talented makers are bringing amazing products to life. Just get on Twitter and search #nocode and you'll see

Full post here πŸ’‘

No quote here but an article about how open startups have performed from @petecodes

Aside from how they performed, I believe in transparency and see it as a powerful asset makers and startups can use to grow their business (cf to Anne-Laure's post about building in public earlier in this post). Real-life example with @KP building Cuppa (check out his tweet) and other startups that are going all out on transparency such as Comet (@charles_comet), Front (@collinmathilde) and Alan (@jcsamuelian). Sorry for my bias but these are my go-to as I am French πŸ‡«πŸ‡·Drop me some you know so I can be a bit more open-minded πŸ˜…

Full post here πŸ’‘

Being able to attract and retain world-class talent by offering outstanding benefits is key. Remote work is the single biggest contributing factor to that ability.

The quote from Alex Garella's Why Remote Work Matters article

I am sure you've read tons about remote since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Alex shares his experience going remote and the many benefits that come with it. I have found out about many of the perks he mentions. From increased productivity to making work fit around life and not the other way around, it's been eye-opening and looking on extending this way of working within the team. Do not get me wrong though, I do miss seeing my teammates face to face. I am very much looking forward to grabbing a bite and beer (or other drink of choice) with them when we beat this.

Full post here πŸ’‘

Anything else?

I can only recommend SpringUp and Clemens. He brings any maker some great advice and readings to increase your chances of success when building your business and in life as a whole. Go subscribe