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Side Project Stack
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Side Project Stack
Michael Novotny

Who's Michael Novotny 🧐

Michael is a no-code Hall of Famer!

It's been such a treat to follow Michael and the many different projects he is working on. He's already successfully launched 3 no-code products, got money from one, and achieved a maker's dream to get #1 product of the day on Product Hunt.

Michael is all about helping the new wave of makers and he does so in many different ways. He has acquired much of the skills makers desire through his career as a product manager (for a big league sports team nonetheless), but also while making things himself. He built an awesome community of 1700+ makers and keep on delivering value to all of them.

And well, he is a golf instructor as well. Talk about having many strings to your bow! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

What is Side Project Stack ?

Side Project Stack is heaven for no-code makers! Michael creates so much value for anyone who looking into what's possible with no-code.

Michael discovered many challenges along the 'making' road and believed that there had to be a way. He wanted to stack all that knowledge on the tools, insights from makers who used them, and make it accessible to anyone. This is the vision for Side Project Stack.

Michael does three things with Side Project Stack:

  1. Get Your Stacked - Such an amazing product! For the short story, I was building Hello Tyro with some no-code tools and stumble upon Michael's stack generator. I thought it was a good test to see if I was going doing the right path. And well, the typeform gave me back that exact stack of tools. I was blown away and this is still probably one of the smartest form I have seen to date. If you're thinking about building something and aren't sure about the tools you should use, Get Your Stack is definitely the right place.‍
  2. Maker Stacks - "Find how your favorite projects are made". Michael is much about sharing and creating visibility for talented makers who build complex projects with no-code tools. What he does is strip naked each project, how each tool is used, and share what he has learned about each product.Hello Tyro was lucky enough to get under Michael's microscope along many more awesome projects. Discover more projects here.‍
  3. The No-Code Wikis - Michael has used many tools, probably studied even more of them. He decided to create wikis for each of these tools. Each tool is introduced, pros and cons, and reviewed by makers who have used them for one of their builds. It is so valuable when I recount the hours I have spent on one tool to only discover later that it was not the right one. Each wiki is a time saver and enable makers to find their stacks quicker.

Side Project is a treasure trove of no-code goodness with actionable advice on how to launch and make.

If you're onto the no-code train, Michael is one of the best ones out there. Go follow him on Twitter and you can signup for the Get Stackd newsletter here πŸ”₯