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If you are like me who spends tons of time learning about ins and outs of product strategies, how founders find ways to get early adopters or just has a product mindset, you are at the right place.
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Sharath Kuruganty

Who's Sharath Kuruganty 🧐

"Sharath is a Founder, No-code Maker, Product Enthusiast, and Design Nerd"

Could not do better than Sharath to introduce him properly so I borrowed his own intro. 🀩

He has been on an absolute rampage of product launches with each of them value packed for users. The Productivize newsletter is one of them (many of them 🀯).

Sharath is such an inspiring maker. His shipping muscle is likely of the strongest one in the maker community. He has 7 products launched on PH which have garnered tons of upvotes so you know Sharath ships some much needed projects (check them out here). He is also building in public and I was thrilled to learn that he reached the 100 subscriber milestone when Productivize Edition 4 dropped.

Not so hot take Β πŸ‘‰ this number is going to go up and up.

Here are some of his projects:

  • Tools for Makers is a hand curated of tools from which makers can choose to build their next projects. Tools range from website builders, podcasts, books, products made from female and male makers, and much more. One of my favorite resource when I look for new tools to use.
  • Request for Product curates tweets with original product ideas that people would like to see come to life. As makers, we sometime run short on ideas (not often πŸ˜…) but this list is a great starting point as you can find one person with a specific need. It's all about finding a problem worth solving, right?
  • WFH Manual launched during the pandemic to bring great resources for all of us who were thrown into working from home. I could find the best tips from people who were already successfully working from, best practices, and resources to stay productive during these tough times.
  • Podium, "the virtual Eventbrite for Social Causes", connects "speakers and seekers" around social causes. Sharath hits on a key issue when we want to get involved in helping to solve social issues. These important conversations are taking place all over the internet which makes it very hard for people to participate. Podium is the platform to do so.
  • And many other which you can discover here.

What is Productivize ?

Productivize is a weekly (Monday) edition featuring product leaders you should follow, product resources you should digest, and interesting products you should try.

It was born out of Sharath curiosity and desire to learn about product management. He was particularly looking into "onboarding hacks startups use, how to build frictionless design, product strategies founders use to build early adopters" and Productivize is his vehicle to share what he discover weekly.

I have been myself learning (on the fly) about product management to make my own products the best possible. Productivize is a must read for me where I get product insights and boost my PM learning.

Each edition revolves around:

πŸ₯‡ 3 product champions you should follow

πŸ“š 3 product resources you should digest

"Great retention is THE scalable way to grow a product. It's the best indicator of product-market fit" - Casey Winters

πŸš€ 3 interesting products you should try

  • All of the products introduced by Sharath were worth a check. I found myself learning a lot by looking around products. You can unveil some features, techniques, and much more from digging into successful products.

Anything else?

First and foremost, subscribe! I simply love what Sharath drops in my mailbox each Monday. πŸ₯°

Then, give a follow to Sharath on Twitter. He is sharing his learnings and lots of value with each tweet. It's all about continuous learning, 1% better everyday (thank you Atomic Habits πŸ˜‰) and empowering makers to have fun and create value for others.