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Phoenix Down
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At Phoenix Down, we interview entrepreneurs with previous failed projects and share the stories behind their business. In each interview, we ask how they got started, how they grew, and how they run their business today.
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Phoenix Down
Dani Diez

Who's Dani Diez 🧐

Dani is a maker from Barcelona, Spain. He is building side-projects using no-code tools. It's very easy to follow along Dani's progress as he is sharing and building in public. That's a trend we keep hearing about. Dani does it really well and I love the Twitter threads he posts to introduce a new 'failure' story.

What is Phoenix Down ?

The concept of Phoenix Down is simple, yet I have not seen lots of content focusing on failure like Dani does with this.

Dani interviews tremendous entrepreneurs and talk about one of their past failed project. Tons of insights from failure. As much as I like a success story, I don't think there is better learning than the one we acquire when we fail.

Each interview goes into the founder's start, growth, and what they learned from failed experiments.

Top stories πŸ€“

Doing too much: How Focusing on many Fronts made a $6k MR Business Shut Down - Ben Tossell

I believe many of you already know a bit about Ben Tossell, founder of Makerpad and no-code wizard. He got me into no-code about 2 years ago when I joined this Slack workspaces. People were buzzing about what was possible with no-code and sharing what they were building on there.

Full post here πŸ’‘

From AR/VR to Dropshipping: two Side Projects affected by Timing and Politics - Toby Allen

A bit of home support as Toby is the CPO of Skipr, a fast-growing Belgian mobility startup. Very inspiring to follow what Toby is up to as he ships tons of diverse projects. From VR/AR (Reality Hunt) to more political (I voted remain), Toby gives a tons of insights and strategies to identify the true potential of your projects.

Full post here πŸ’‘

Building a Business while in High School: a 5-year Journey full of Learnings - Duncan Hamra

Duncan and his best friend, Tyler, who are now building Memberstack πŸ₯° got their entrepreneurship chops mowing lawns and build Formatically, an tool to help students format their papers MLA style. I remember this being an absolute chore and waste of time back in college.

If you're waiting to launch because something needs to be perfect, then you're moving way too slowly.

Full post here πŸ’‘

Anything else?

It's motivating to see the maker movement come to Europe and the have the opportunity to follow makers like Dani. An inspiring story to push makers to create, ship fast and share their growth. Dani does it well (here's an example).