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One to better
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One to better is a structured attempt to document my progress and hold myself accountable while sharing what Iโ€™m learning, reading, and making. If you like to build things, and or youโ€™re in pursuit of being one percent better each day, follow me on One to Better, and letโ€™s travel the winding road of creativity and productivity together.
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One to better
Thomas Alan Smilie

Who's Thomas Alan Smilie ๐Ÿง

Thomas is one of the best person I follow on Twitter.

He is a fellow member of the #100daysofnocode community and has graduated. He is now up to 115 days of learning no-code in a row. What an accomplishment ๐ŸŽ‰

He is a true inspiration, builds in public daily, and sharing his learnings with the world. A true Learn from makers mentality!

Thomas comes from digital marketing and an avid and talented photographer who uses no-code to his advantage to build and launch online products. His first one, Whynocode, ย was "built as a personal project to encourage and promote the no-code movement and community. The site is a learning, inspiration, and no-code news resource."

He showcased the product during the first #100daysofnocode demo day and absolutely smashed it. He is a wizard using Pory and built one of the best resource for no-coders out there.

I mentionned Thomas was a talented photographer. Well, you can check it out for yourself here on his personal portfolio.

Always open to chat and give a hand, Thomas is one of the top people to follow along and is taking part in LaunchMBA.co where he is going to amaze us with a product each month.

Keep up the awesome work Thomas ๐Ÿ’ช

What is One to better ?

A newsletter about building ideas and finishing what you start through consistent daily habits in pursuit of being one percent better every day.

Here's the killer quote which embodies so well what Thomas is about โฌ‡๏ธ

One to better is a structured attempt to document my progress and hold myself accountable while sharing what Iโ€™m learning, reading, and making.

Building in public has been a growing trend, thanks to KP, and Thomas is pushing it out there as well.

This newsletter is Thomas' vessel to build in public and share his experience navigating the (no-code) world.

The first edition gives readers an under the hood look of why and how Whynocode has come to exist. No-code is growing at such a rapid pace that it is nearly impossible to follow all the new tools coming out every week. Thomas felt that "information overload" and built it to scratch that itch. Thomas is all about inspiration, and the product is built with it in mind. The goal is to gather learning resources and inspire makers to build with no-code. It's a hit ๐Ÿš€

The next two editions are about starting a newsletter. How did One to better come to life and the best practices and learnings to make the right choice when doing so.

What I love most about One to better is that it is not a curation newsletter and Thomas takes time to write long-form essays. It's his words and you can feel it while reading.

ps: This drop is a must-read for anyone thinking about starting its own newsletter.

Anything else?

Your quote of the day by Thomas ๐Ÿ”†

When I build something, itโ€™s 80% inspiration and 20% perspiration. No inspiration equals no motivation, which leads to procrastination.

Go subscribe to One to better here and follow Thomas on Twitter to keep up with his accomplishments!