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Nocode Coffee
Michael Gill

Who's Michael Gill 🧐

Michael Gill, or the automation king πŸ‘‘You decide! I know I have made my choice.

Michael is a CTO and nocode maker. He has already gone on launching awesome products and it is now hard to follow along all of them. From GetCuppa, RabbitRabbitHQ to Maker Minions, Michael is enabling lots of people with nocode and shares his knowledge to help any maker to buildl.

What is NoCode.Coffee ?

Nocode.coffee is a daily (or weekly, you decide) newsletter about all things nocode. As the automation king that he is, you can imagine that the newsletter is fully automated using Airtable, Mailerlite and Integromat. Check out this awesome video with David Peterson (Growth @ Airtable) where Michael gives you backstage access to how he automated the newsletter creation process. Video is a must watch. πŸ“½

Every edition is built following the same structure:
β˜•οΈ A daily shot to kick off your day
⚑️1 New No-Code Tool
πŸ‘‹1 New NoCoder
πŸš€1 New No-Code Product

Top quotes πŸ€“

Start with what you need for now, and what you know. Usually the answer is a no-code tool. There may come a time where your needs outgrow that tool, but I suggest you cross that road when you get to it and just focus on building the best product you can.

The nocode trend is not going anywhere. The nocode route is likely the quickest and cheapest one to start your business and launch your MVP and you'll see where it goes.

Full post here πŸ’‘

If you can do something once, and then have an automated process repeat it every time after that, you ensure it comes out the same way every time.

From the automation king 🀴himself! Consistency has many benefits. Automation is here to facilitate and scale consistency.

Full post here πŸ’‘

You will find the full archives of the newsletter editions here

Anything else?

Well... Much more else. πŸ˜…As said previously, Michael is serial maker so here are some of the other products he has worked on. πŸ‘‡

‍GetCuppa is the first 1-1 virtual coffee shop β˜•οΈ with interesting people from Twitter - built with Bubble alongside hi cofounder/barista KP (@thisiskp_) who will likely get some love from me with his newly launched newsletter Keep Up with KP
Maker Minions is a collection of digital workflows, integrations, and hacks designed to help busy creators and professionals save time and develop highly efficient processes that elevate your work - built with Airtable
‍RabbitRabbitHQ to make your newsletter multiply like rabbits - built with Jens Lennartsson
Idea Workout is a template to test and score all your best product ideas - built with Notion

I am probably missing a few projects/builds from Michael but it is exhausting to keep up with him. 🀣
Last but not least, Michael and his partner have welcome a new member πŸ‘Άto the Gill's family!
Congratulations to the both of them πŸŽ‰