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How To Build Leverage On The Internet
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The Three Things For Curious Minds is a handpicked collection of an interesting essay, an insightful tweet and a fascinating product.
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How To Build Leverage On The Internet

This maker focus will need some updating as it goes because KP decided to switch it up on us readers πŸ˜… and change the format! Can't wait to see what he has on store for us.

Who's KP 🧐

KP is one of of my all time favorite maker and person to follow on Twitter. He manages to pack tons of value in everything he does.

KP is a serial maker, community builder and strong advocate of the no-code movement.

The list of product he has launched is growing almost weekly. Here are some of his most recent launches. πŸš€

  • Cuppa - 1-1 virtual coffees β˜•οΈ with curious minds from Twitter.
  • LetterDrop - discover and share new newsletters launching daily.
  • Buildinpublic - learn how makers and founders are building an audience for their products by building in public.

If you are on Twitter, I can only recommend to follow KP who's constantly sharing and building in public!

What is How To Build Leverage On The Internet ?

Every Saturday, How to build leverage ont he internet drops a new edition of The Three Things for Curious Minds.

To feed our "intellectual curiosity", Keep Up with KP finds the gems and essays worth reading. These essays are full of learning for any maker out there. One of the one I discovered thanks to KP is this piece from Lenny Rachitsky which goes into how the fastest growing B2B business got their 10 first users.

Each edition is a 5 minutes read and is built around 3 sections:

πŸ“° An essay worth sharing

Here are some of my favs. 🀩

  • How today's fastest growing B2B businesses found their first ten customers - Lenny Rachitsky (link)
  • Product-User Fit Comes Before Product-Market Fit - Peter Lauten and David Ulevitch (link)
  • The top of my to-do list - Paul Graham (link)

🐦 A tweet worth sharing

β€œArm yourself with specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage.”

Source: @naval

Take all the energy you spend on...- worrying about the past - worrying about the future - worrying about the news - worrying about what others think - worrying about if you might fail... and channel that energy into one useful micro-action within your control. Then repeat.

Source: James Clear

πŸš€ A product worth sharing

  • Chalk: Instant, secure voice rooms
  • mmhmm: meet your personal video presence

Check out this demo video of mmhmm's product. So well done!

Anything else?

The first edition was a must-read essay about the underrated types of capital. KP highlights the importance of building a strong group of supporters who will in turn provide you with social and belief capital.

Here's the power quote. πŸ”₯

What propelled me to get over my mental hurdle and just ship it?Sharing my idea with 4 friends who simply believed in it. When I first shared the initial hunch for Cuppa, Ash was the strongest voice of support. Later that day, I spoke with Whit and Sharath who nudged me further. On the morning of the launch, as I was having second thoughts. I had a video call with Nibras who showed instant support for the thesis behind Cuppa (she’s British so maybe she’s biased;)) and that put me over the line. I discussed it later with my friends at the Zero To One Makers Club in Atlanta. They only further boosted this belief. Once I found enough belief capital, I shared Cuppa with my Twitter audience and never looked back. They have been monumental in helping it thrive! (Below’s my launch tweet for Cuppa)

I could go on and on about KP. I have learned so much from exchanging with him. He is an inspiration to a tons of makers.

PS: I hope to share with you in the coming weeks a product that Janel, KP, and I are working on revolving around books. πŸ“š