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Jens Lennartsson
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Jens Lennartsson
Jens Lennartsson

Who's Jens Lennartsson 🧐

I'm that guy #nocode startups reach out to when they need to get their email marketing sh*t together.

Doesn't get much simpler and efficient than that.

Jens and his content are so insightful when it comes to email marketing and how to use Twitter to grow your project. Following him on Twitter is daily treat and avalanche of marketing tips to grow your mailing list.

Here are some of my favorite insights from Jens' twitter πŸ‘‡

Amount of value added to you and your audience:A full-length, $350 video course, that you have been THINKING about creating for months = zero valueA 45 min, $46 video workshop that you CREATED in 1 day = more valueJust SHIP your first product.
The smaller niche you focus on, the easier it is to get our first customers.And no matter what, you need your first customers first.

Here is a killer thread on how to build your audience before your product launch.

What is Jens' content ?

No newsletter per se here! But a treasure trove of content on Jens' website.

A blog to help makers build their audience the right way, find their first customers, and the tools to do so. πŸ”₯

On top of that, Jens has created a free marketing growth guide for no-coders which you can download here.

Jens made me realize that traffic coming from social media platform such as Facebook is a fickle thing. These platform change their algorithm and you can throw your entire strategy out of the window.

You have total control over your mailing list and is more powerful than social media reach.

The conversion rates for email marketing are bigger than for any other marketing channel!

I could really go on and on about the value of Jens' content but it would be a waste of time for you.

I have learned a ton thanks to him. Reading the THE NO-CODERS MAILING LIST GROWTH GUIDE was an eye opener for me and great look in the mirror. I realized how I was doing a lot things wrong. Still am but I am learning and trying to improve the marketing of my projects daily.

Check out his Twitter where he drops knowledge bites (more like big fat chunks) and his website to learn how to supercharge your product's marketing.

You will probably see some changes to this website since I dove back in Jens' content to write this maker focus. This is what it is all about. Continuous improvements and iterations.

Jens is the marketing guru for no-code makers looking to market their product!