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In Bed With Tech
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In the words of @wolfejosh, “I’m “a voracious reader of others, vacuuming up all that I could find—especially from rare, off-the-beaten-path, or otherwise undiscovered sources. One common thing amongst the people I obsessively read about was that they had done the same”
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In Bed With Tech
Marie Dollé

Who's Marie Dollé 🧐

Marie is french-american, working on many different projects. She is currently working full-time for a platform that connects growing startups with potential investors. She writes for french media and even teaches digital marketing in a french university. Hyper active, am I right?

She has travelled and lived in many countries. Speaks four languages and because that is not still enough, she decided to start writing her own newsletter "In Bed With Tech" when quarantine started. It is inspiring to see that many people became creators and started their own projects during these difficult times.

The motivation to launch and create things is driven by the doors it can open up for you. She quotes in this Letterlist interview 👇

The more active you are, be it writing, teaching or whatever other activity, the more opportunities you open up.

and I could not agree more.

The practice of putting your stuff out there for people to read, or use, is an opportunity booster.

This connects to the trend of #buildinpublic which we are seeing more and more on Twitter (👀 KP, Janel, Mark, Max, and so many more). You will be blown away to see the impact of what you are creating on others, receiving feedback, new ideas, and much more. I can only encourage you to do the same.

And just to hammer on this previous point.

100% of winners took their chances.” In other words: all winners have this in common: that they tried. So I try!

Read more about Marie here.

What is In Bed With Tech ?

As a writer, Marie never had a blog or newsletter. Then COVID hit! She decided to create new things.

In Bed With Tech was the first launch. It is the french version of In Bed With Social. Marie is now grouping the 2 under the name "In Bed With Tech" with a shiny new logo.

The newsletter is Marie's reflections on what is happening in tech, communication, and media with more freedom and with a goal to interact with her readers.

Marie reached 1000 subscribers on her french version quite rapidly. People started asking her for the english version of the newsletter. A US VC would even google translate each of her editions, so she decided to launch it and got 300 subs in 2 weeks.

Martin from Modern Makers did the same for his newsletter around no-code. Read my maker focus about his newsletter here.

Marie has not marketed the newsletter like the talented marketer she is for one simple reason. She wants 'organic' subscribers and believes that, if the content is great, WOM will spread In Bed With Social and grow her audience.

Marie coined the term 'blogletter' to describe In Bed With Tech. I had never seen this term before and it makes a ton of sense. She defines it as "an embodied media" which can be hyper-personalised and a true conversation starter. Substack has allowed creators and readers to interact to a all new level and give the ability to be very personal.

We subscribe to a person because we want a direct link with people's brains: a connection that generates a personal relationship, trust, a unique sense of loyalty.

One of Marie's edition goes further on this topic and how the newsletter market has boomed. Read on here.

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I really like diving into Marie's brain 🤪every week as she writes on topics that I am very interested in.

I hope this bit of word of mouth will get Marie some new readers! I strongly recommend it and you can do it here.