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Growth Lessons
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Real-life lessons from founders who have grown their business or community.
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Growth Lessons

Who's Kieran Ball 🧐

Kieran Ball aka Nocodelife is a serial nocode maker with a specialty using Bubble to build products. Some of these products are Vidpops and Revu which aim to leverage video as a better communication tool.

Kieran also launched Growth Lessons, a newsletter/podcast where he interviews founders and makers about their product growth and the best hacks they used to reach impressive levels of revenues.

What is Growth Lessons ?

Growth Lessons is a newsletter dishing out real-life lessons from founders who grew their business.

Each edition is a founder interview where each go into the strategies and hacks they have used to grow their product. The newsletter is so fun to read as Kieran shares his biggest takeaways from each interviews, usually around five key points. Some tremendous founders have been interviewed such as Anne-Laure Le Cunff (NessLabs), Andrew Davidson (Luhhu), and Samy Dindane and Yannick Veys (Hypefury) among others.

Top takeaways πŸ€“

DM, demo, and do things that don’t scale

This comes back too often, right? It keeps on sounding counter intuitive at first but so true. Nocode has allowed people to quickly do things that scale but the success of your product is strongly correlated to your ability to do things that don't scale. Learning and spending time talking to your users, quick iterations.

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Exceptional customer focus

As good as a product is, treating your customer with care, human to human, is your best bet to delight your users and get a strong retention.

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Start with longevity in mind

Simple enough! Are you passionate about what you're building. If you don't think you'll be doing it two years from now, why even bother starting. Your chances of success are much greater if you're working on something you deeply care about.

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Anything else?

Growth Lessons also posts the full recorded interview with each newsletter edition. This gives you the opportunity to dig deeper in each one and learn a lot more from each founder.

Kieran also recently led a Bubble live session which you can find on youtube. If you want to discover the tool and learn from one of the best maker, strongly recommend giving this one a watch.