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Brianne Kimmel's Newletter
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A weekly discussion featuring original essays and interviews with authors, founders and friends building new tools and services for your work life.
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Brianne Kimmel's Newletter
Brianne Kimmel

Who's Brianne Kimmel 🧐

Brianne Kimmel is the founder and managing partner of Work Life Ventures.

Her focus has been set on backing founders and companies looking to change the way we work with new tools and services. These tools have become even more important as we fight through this pandemic.

On the other end, she delights us with her weekly newsletter on tech and consumer culture. 🀩

What is Brianne Kimmel's Newletter ?

Brianne's Newsletter is focused on:

  • Tools: including workplace productivity, dev tools, low-code & more
  • Trends: dating, fertility & family tech impacting the way we work
  • The new American Dream: creators, streamers, remote work and technology that creates new economic opportunities for everyday people.

Editions of the newsletter are designed around interviews of great founders.

  • Rahul Vohra, founder and CEO of Superhuman.

Great interview where Brianne digs into how Superhuman used game design to fix the daily struggle of the email inbox.

Full post here πŸ’‘

  • Re β€” inc co-founders Jessica Tillyer and Jenny Wang.

Video of 'WorkLife Live' where Brianne did with Jessica Tillyer and Jenny Wang, cofounders of Reβ€”inc, the direct-to-consumer gender-neutral apparel company launched by four 2019 World Cup winners Klingenberg, Christen Press, Tobin Heath, and Megan Rapinoe. 🀩

Full post here πŸ’‘

  • The 6 builders who will thrive in the new world.

Brianne shares the six new type of builders that will help build the post-COVID world. She also introduce us to one builder who is already shaping the new world such as Margaret Zheng, Robin Arzon, Marco Marandiz and many other.

Full post here πŸ’‘

  • 5 Lessons from Tandem on Raising a $7.5 Million Seed Round and Rising to the Occasion in Uncertain Times.

A conversation with Rajiv Ayyanga from Tandem. The startup has taken different stance on how remote Β teams will communicate in the future. Far Rajiv, it will stay synchronous, a different bet than Jason Fried Β from Basecamp. In this edition, where he shares his experience and how to nail the the YC post-graduation period with his 5 lessons.

Full post here πŸ’‘

Anything else?

Brianne Kimmel's Newsletter is a must-read. Tremendously talented and experienced with startups. She has invested in Webflow, Voiceflow, Tandem, and other startups. She worked at Zendesk and now runs SaaS School, an invite-only program where she helps founders build their SaaS and sharing her knowledge of the best tech companies such as Slack, Airtable and Dropbox.