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Who's Janel 🧐

Janel is a marketer at heart and an indie maker on a meteoric rise. She has been getting into no-code to make some of her awesome projects come to life. I am very eager to see what she ships in the coming month as she joined the first batch of LaunchMBA (built by Kieran @nocodelife).

I met Janel when a collaboration opportunity with her and KP came up around books. In the end, we did not follow through but it was awesome to get to know her. I discovered a lot about what she was doing and among this, she told me about BrainPint.

Janel has been building in public on Twitter where she constantly creates value for her followers. I have learned a lot by doing so and reading her threads focusing on books and newsletters she reads. Janel reads more than 60 newsletters from awesome creators and is one one of the curators of Letterdrop (built by KP, again...). She does a tremendous job of digesting, summarizing and sharing what you can learn from her reads.

This is what BrainPint is all about.

What is BrainPint ?

Who does not want to enjoy a good pint for your brain? 🍺

BrainPint is a curated newsletter with interesting reads, tools & learning resources sent out weekly to help improve your life.

Janel's personal newsletter has an inspiring and fun back story. She first launched it to share her most interesting reads with close friends. Now, she has more than 220 subscribers. Such an impressive and deserved growth.

The weekly edition (drops on Tuesdays) is packed with value. First of all, she is sharing a lot of her own reflections and how she is continuously building and iterating on BrainPint.

For example, Janel shared with her readers last week that she was now moving the newsletter to Substack from Revue and the reasons behind the switch. Building in public again! She also recently build a dedicated landing page on Carrd for BrainPint and shared her process with this Twitter thread.

Now, let's get into what you get from each BrainPint's editions.

First, Janel shares her progress and reflections from the past week. It has been so inspiring to see the strides she is making and the continuous improvements she is making. Probably more than 1% everyday, am I right James Clear! πŸ˜‰

Each edition has a topic. Latest ones were:

  • The Newsletter Economy
  • Building in public
  • Newsletter landing pages
  • and lots of other around tech and business (full archive here)

Then, Janel shares and recap the reads, tools, and newsletters she found most interesting this past week. Such a great way to let readers get a bird's-eye view of each and decide if they want to give it a deeper look.

She puts the finishing touches on BrainPint with some of the best tweets she found and one of her favorite quote.

Astounding! 🀩

Some of my favorite quotes πŸ€“

"When you lose track of time, you are either living your best life or wasting it." - James Clear
"My friends, be audacious with your hope. Never believe that the world can’t change. Never believe that you can’t change." - Jon Foreman
"While the world is a gold mine, you need to go digging in other people’s heads to unearth riches. Questions are your pickaxes and competitive advantage." - Tim Ferriss

Anything else?

Janel has been so supportive of me and other makers to keep working, shipping, and pushing further our limits. The collective intelligence and empathy is through the roof. A few words, a tweet can mean a lot to help each other on our paths to create.

Let's keep on growing this mindset!