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The makers we have followed with Learn from Makers are not only dropping knowledge via their newsletter.

They are dropping it daily. 🤯

Where you ask? On Twitter!

Twitter is packed with so much value! Makers, no-code builders are building their community on Twitter and it's a daily feast of tweet-sized knowledge bombs. 💣As a big twitter user, I almost check out what's going on daily basis. It happens at times that I don't get on Twitter for a couple days which triggers some FOMO to be honest. I am probably missing an awesome value-packed tweet and I won't ever find it. I'm crazy, right?

Still, I want to fix this, for me at least. 😅

This is why I will curate the best tweets from only the best makers and uncover the best insight from the talented maker community on Twitter.

Straight in your inbox and in an home made Twitter feed archive here.

I have a first batch of 4 tweets for you and I will feed the page daily! 😉

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