Who am I ?

My name is Pierre 👋
No-code maker and freelance from Paris, France. 🥖🇫🇷
Entrepreneur and indie maker, I discovered no-code in early 2018 and never looked back! Since the start of 2020, I have spent more time to build and ship using no-code tools.

🛠 Here are some:

🚀 Learn from Makers (just ended it this past week as I do not have the bandwidth to keep writing valuable content)
🚀 NoCode Club - The Stack Overflow for no-code makers (built on Bubble)
🚀 Passion (still in beta) - Discover the best content, celebrate what makers are building, and support passionate creators (A collaboration where I am building the product on Bubble and Jonathan is the visionary and engine behind it)

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What is this ?

After completing the #100daysofnocode challenge, I looked for a similar thing to do. The goal was to create a new habit by doing it daily over an extended period of time.

Hence #100daysofnocode Tutorial Edition 🤓

For this, I have commited to create a new no-code tutorial for the next 100 days 💯
The tutorials (5 minutes or less) will focus on automations and website/app creation.

Some examples:
🆕 Create a new item in Webflow CMS
🔄 Update an Airtable record with Typeform and Zapier
🔑 Restrict access to your Bubble app with secret code

My wall of love

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composed of Sharath and Curtis

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