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Create new item in Webflow CMS
How to create a new tutorial CMS item in my site on Webflow using Integromat
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Airtable and Notion web clippers
How to us the web clippers to enrich your airtable and notion databases with interesting articles to read.
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Create Sign up/Login flow on Bubble with custom states
How to create custom states on Bubble and create your own signup/login flow.
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Create new item with multiple-ref field in Webflow
How to populate a multiple-reference field when creating a new item in the Webflow CMS from Airtable using Integromat.
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NCC: Secret Code invite workflow
How to add a password/secret invite code to your sign up
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Build a news feed with Bubble
How to create a social feed where members can post updates and display them in the app.
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The app clones I am working on

Product Hunt

A series of tutorials where I am building a Product Hunt clone using Bubble.

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